Now what do I do to start the process?

    • If you have storm damage, leaky roof, or your roof covering is aged and needs to be replaced, we encourage you to contact your Insurance Company to have an adjuster come out and take a look. By doing this, it gives you, the home owner, an idea on Insurance Compensation.

    That being said, Tyler has worked hand and hand with multiple adjusters and is trained to recognize and assess roof damage to determine whether or not you are eligible for an insurance claim. He is also willing to talk with your adjuster after they have assessed your roof to discuss severity of damage and the replacement of your roof.

    • Next you need to give us a call so that we can take a look ourselves for your FREE ESTIMATE!
    • Once your insurance has made assessments and we have met, it is time to decide what type of roof covering you are wanting to install. With our knowledge on Roof options and your house, we will be able to support and help in the decision of which covering is best for your house economically and what look is going to please you.

    What is included in my Estimate?

    • Tearing off your old roof covering
    • All materials needed to Replace your roof with the Roof Covering of your choice
    • All Vents, Gas Pipes, Turbines, and any other type of ventilation (all pipes are painted to match roof color)
    • Cleaning up all trash, rolling magnets over yards and driveways to pick up any tacks, and hauling off all debris

    What is NOT included in my Estimate?

    • Since there is no way to know just how bad your roof is under your current covering until it's removed, WOOD DAMAGE is NOT included in your Roofing Estimate. Wood damage will be replaced but will be extra cost.
    • Fascia Board that has rotten or broke can be fixed at home owners request but is not included in your Initial estimate.